Hardin-Houston K-12 School

Hardin-Houston Local School District

Project Name:  Hardin-Houston K-12 School
Project Type:  New Construction
Enrollment:  850 Students
Location:  Houston, Ohio
Completion Date:  September 2011
Budget:  $23 million


Hardin-Houston Local School District selected Freytag & Associates, Inc. for the design of a new K-12 building, serving 850 students. The gathering space for school and community activities is the multifunctional student dining, a room with filtered natural daylight from clerestory windows and a theatrical stage as the focal point. An independent sound system and theatrical lighting convert student dining to a performance hall.
The media center acts as the central hub to connect distinct elementary and junior/senior high academic wings.  The reading area provides ample space for students of all grade levels; whether it is for story time or small group study.  Technology is readily available at individual computer stations within the reading area or from computer labs accessible from the media center.
Technology is state of the art with video projection systems and wireless internet access in all classrooms.  Modern science lab classrooms are provided for grades 5 -12. 
Safety and security are integral features of the new building.  A secure main entrance directs visitors into school offices; while all other exterior doors are locked during school hours.  Buses and cars have independent drives and separate parking on opposite sides of the building for efficient traffic flow.
Energy conservation is a priority with enhanced building insulation, occupancy sensors activating lights only when needed and automated temperature control for added energy savings.
To remember the past, carved stone from the high school was incorporated in the main entry and ‘Hardin Rural School’ and ‘Houston High School’ stones were placed in the vestibule.