Cory-Rawson PK-8 School

Cory-Rawson Local School District

Project Name:  Cory-Rawson PK–8 School
Project Type:  New Construction
Enrollment:  400 Students
Location:  Rawson, Ohio
Completion Date:  March 2013
Budget:  $13.1 million


Cory-Rawson Local School District opened their new PK-8 school building adjacent to their existing high school in March 2013. The 57,887 square foot building was designed to include functions that serve both the new building and the existing high school including the media center, student dining/kitchen, computer lab, and music room.  The facility also includes sixteen regular elementary classrooms, three special education rooms, one project lab, one art room and a 3,300 square foot gym/multi-purpose room.
The new PK-8 building was designed for LEED Silver Certification.  The HVAC system incorporates a thermal ice storage system to reduce the mechanical cooling capacity/electrical demand and energy usage.   Window design allows for efficient use of natural lighting in the classrooms as well as the student dining area.