Sidney Middle School

Sidney City Schools

Project:  Sidney Middle Schools
Project Type: New Construction
Enrollment: 900 Students
Location: Sidney, Ohio
Complete Date: December 2003
Budget: $16 million


A bond levy was passed to construct a new 6th-8th grade middle school, designed to facilitate their nationally recognized team teaching. A site master plan for a new middle school, new football stadium and new administrative office was developed to accommodate circulation for new and existing school buildings.  A priority to create a small school within a large facility was accomplished by creating team wings for each grade level with specialized learning/resource classrooms, teacher planning area and restrooms.  A central core, including library, art, long distance learning/computer lab, life skills, and multi-handicap classrooms, supports the academic wings.  The office controls access at the main entrance and the lobby allows access to the auditoria/stage, gyms, band rooms, technology lab, and locker rooms.  Skylights allow daylight into the library/central core and corridor intersections in each classroom wing.  Clerestory windows provide daylight to the main lobby, central office and auditoria.  Stone gargoyles were salvaged and incorporated into the entry canopy piers of the new school.  Classrooms were designed for flexibility with wired and wireless technology, including multi-media equipment linked to boards/monitors.  The interior design distinguishes each grade by color; which are used to unify the total learning environment.